4 Way Joust
4 Way Joust 4 Way Joust 4 Way Joust 4 Way Joust

4 Way Joust


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Product Information:

Two - Four players challenge each other. Using oversized inflatable joust poles, they try to knock one another to the game floor. Comes with headgear, jousting poles, and pedestals. 28x28x3. Includes (1) 110V blower. This item must be delivered by Metz Amusements.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

28' x 28' x 3'

Space Needed:

31' x 31'

Product Reviews:

  • 7/11/20Andrea EA lot bigger than I thought, but worth it. You get the jousting for the big kids and you get a jumping platform for the little ones. I would rent again.

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