Pickup Policy

Customer is to pick up item(s) between 9:00am and 4:00pm  Monday-Friday.  Items are due back the next day by noon. Friday item(s) are to be returned no later than Noon on Monday. The office is not open on Saturdays, as we are most likely out doing events. If other arrangements need to be discussed, please call our office at 610-863-4914. There is a minimum late fee of $50 for any item(s) not returned by noon, unless other arrangements have been made. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is large enough to hold item(s) being rented. Round tables require a pickup truck or large vehicle, as they do not fit in an suv or mini van. Please have your vehicle clean when you arrive. We will not load items in dirty trucks with wood chips, grease, or other items that may ruin the rentals. We take pride in keeping our items in good condition. Customers are responsible to return the rented items in the same condition as they were when picked up. Dunk tank requires a trailer mounted 2″ ball to tow.

When renting inflatables, customers must return all parts that were included with the rental. Do not wait until the morning of return to put the inflatable away. Many times it will rain over night, making the inflatable very heavy and requiring help to roll and lift it back in your vehicle for return. Put it away at the end of your event to avoid these potential problems.