Party Rental Easton PA

Party rental Easton PA offers clients a way to give their child an experience rather than a pile of things for their birthday.  If you are looking for party rental Easton PA services you have come to the right place.  We offer all kinds of party rental Easton PA to choose from.  Take a look around and we are certain that you will find something that will fit your needs. We work with clients that are looking to throw a fun backyard event to those that want an entire community event set up.  All of our party rental Easton PA come ready to go and delivered right to your party site.  

We understand that your party is important to you. You want everything to go perfectly which is why we deliver everything before the first guest arrives.  If you have an upcoming event or fundraiser our party rental Easton PA business is here to help.  We work with clients to get their fundraiser or event up and running with amazing results.  


Many times fundraisers are selling high-priced trinkets to our family and friends. Nobody looks forward to them and they certainly are not fun. However, when people throw an inflatable carnival as a fundraiser, everyone wants to be involved. In fact, the fundraiser is super easy for those that are throwing it because people flock.  All you have to do is let people know your date and advertise to get them to come.  Many clients use our party rental Easton PA services to set up their fundraisers and come by to tear them back down.  You don’t have to move anything and can simply walk away at the end of the night with your cash in hand.  We do recommend that you pair up your fundraiser inflatable rentals with concession rentals to rake in even more cash.

Tent, Table, and Chair Rentals

Our party rental Easton PA services are perfect for graduation parties and weddings as well.  We not only offer inflatable bounce house rentals but also table and chair rentals and tent rentals as well.  If you are in need of some tents with tables and chairs for guests, we have you covered.  All of our tents, tables, and chairs will arrive clean and ready to go.  We will set everything up for you and when you are done, come back by to pick them up.  It makes throwing a party so simple and easy. You simply have to worry about your gathering, the food and ensure that you are ready for the festivities.  

Tent, table, and chair rentals can be used alongside our inflatable rentals as well. Many times people want places to sit and enjoy watching those in the crowds.  If you offer concessions this is a nice gesture so people can enjoy them without having to stand.  


We take great pride in our professional party rental Easton PA company and it shows.  Take a look at our reviews and see what others have to say about us.  We are licensed and insured for the state of Pennsylvania.  This means that we do carry business insurance and any units that need state inspection, get them.  We are not a guy with a truck and a water slide but professionals that you can count on.  Our team of experts has been trained to handle the water slide rentals with ease.  However, they are very heavy and shouldn’t be picked up by our clients.  We do not want anyone injured.

Water Slide Rentals

Water slide rentals are some of our most popular party rental Easton PA.  These are great for backyard BBQs, birthday parties, or just for fun.  Every kid loves a waterslide!  However, adults can enjoy them too.  Our water slide rentals are made from commercial materials.  Because of this, they are very durable and can handle a number of kids at one time.  We keep all of our inventory sanitized and inspected at set up and tear down.  We want all of our rentals to arrive looking as they should.  While some competitors show up with faded and patched water slide rentals, we are professionals.  Our water slide rentals will look amazing each and every time.  After all, they are a representation of our company.  


Get your tent, table, and chair rentals or go for fun water slide rentals, we have them all.  We are proud to offer you some of the best party rentals in the area.  Take your time and look around, we are certain that you will find something for your next party.