Allentown Party Rental

Allentown Party Rental services are there to give your party that extra WOW factor. We offer a variety of Allentown Party Rental to choose from and are proud of our inflatable rental business and it shows.  Our dedicated team of experts is on it, ready to set up your Allentown Party Rental selections as well as deliver them right to your party before the guests arrive. We want your party to go off without a hitch, so have us deliver early should you need time to decorate.  Decorations are fine, however, we do ask that party streamers and silly string not be used around our inflatables.  These can have the dye leach and ruin the inflatables.  

We offer Allentown Party Rental in the form of tables and chairs, inflatables, water slides, and bounce house rentals, and more.  If you are looking to throw your child an amazing party or simply want to entertain guests at your community event, we are happy to help.  With our Allentown Party Rental services, we work with clients that are having very large parties or small backyard affair.  Our Allentown Party Rental equipment can be combined, for a fundraiser carnival.  There are many reasons people rent our Allentown Party Rental.

Tent Table Chair Rentals

Tent, Table, and chair rentals are one section of our website that you can take a look at.  Many people are looking for Allentown Party Rental options, typically are thinking about bounce house rentals to water slide rentals.  However, you can easily need tents, tables, and chair rentals within needing any of the other fun and entertaining options we have.  Not a problem. We cater to outdoor weddings or graduation parties with our tent, table, and chair rentals.  We work with clients to set these up and when the party is over, we will be back around to pick them up.  This offers you a simple solution to throw a family gathering without having to worry about how you are going to get the tent and chairs delivered and set up in time.  

If you are having a community event complete with bounce house rentals and other inflatables, you still might need some tent, table, and chair rentals as well.  Having stations for people to sit and enjoy each other’s company is important.  We have had people use our tables for face painting and other options as well.

Water Slide Rental

A water slide rental is something that many children dream of.  Our water slide rentals can be set up in your backyard.  They are simple for you, as we do all the setup for you.  We will need a hose, as that is where the water comes from.  Along with all of the inflatable rentals, we will also need electricity.  This is because they are blown up by fans.  Each unit will have its own fan.  So be sure that if you are throwing a large party, you have enough circuits.  

Water slide rentals are super tall and really provide hours of fun.  We want you and your guests to have the time of your life.  Giving your child a water slide rental experience for their birthday, they will never forget it.  Sure, you can buy a bunch of toys and fill your home with stuff.  But a birthday experience will be remembered forever.  Making lifelong memories is what our water slide rentals do.

Bounce House Rental

Bounce house rental services offer a variety of bounce house options.  We can deliver one bounce house rental or several and make it into an inflatable carnival.  Our Allentown Party Rental offers bounce hour rentals for a backyard party or put on a huge event. We work with all sized parties to ensure they have the entertainment they need.  

All of our Allentown Party Rental options come cleaned and ready to go.  Each of our units is examined upon set up and as well as tear down. We clean and sanitize all rentals to ensure our clients’ safety and the safety of their guests.  Safety is our number one concern and it shows.  If you are ready to have a party, you need to take a look at our Allentown Party Rental selection. We take pride in our services and rentals and it shows.  Let us set up your next party and you will soon be impressed at how quick we are this.  

After several years of practice, our teams are very good and setting these up and tearing them down.  There is a method that just works and it shows.  If you are looking to have some entertainment for your next party or simply need some tables and chairs, we are here for you.