East Stroudsburg Party Rental

Are you looking for an East Stroudsburg Party Rental? We offer East Stroudsburg Party Rental in many forms such as bounce house rentals, water slide rentals, and table and chair rentals.  If you are throwing a party, Metz Amusement & Concessions is where it is at.  We have some of the best selections of party rentals in the area.  Take a look around and we are certain that you will be impressed with our selection and amazing customer service.  We are professionals that are licensed and insured.

All of our party rentals will arrive as expected, clean, and ready to go.  We will be there before the guests arrive to ensure that everything is set up and ready to go.  If you have an idea of how you would like everything laid out, be sure that you let us know before we have things rolling.  This allows us to plan for the execution a bit better and have things go smoothly.


However you use our East Stroudsburg Party Rental services, we are here to help.  We are dedicated to the industry and work hard year after year to grow and expand our inventory.  Call today.

Tent Table and Chair Rentals

Tent, Table and Chair rentals East Stroudsburg is perfect for graduations or weddings but also have been rented alongside some of our other party rentals. If you plan to have food at your event then you can’t miss out on our tent, table, and chair rentals. These too come all set up and ready to go for you.  This allows you to really enjoy your party and worry about other things. We can bring in some tables for the food and caterer or offer a table for the cake.  Don’t forget that you might want to decorate these or have a decorator-style them up a bit for you.

Water Slide Rental

Water Slide rental in East Stroudsburg is a great way to beat the summer heat. We offer portable and inflatable water slide rentals that will be great for your next party.  Some of our parties are large inflatable carnivals, while others are simple backyard events. Either way, we have you covered.  We take the time to set everything up and ensure everything is running as it should.  Our professional party rental company wants you to enjoy the day with family and friends.  Perhaps you are looking to have a corporate event?  Water slide rentals are the perfect addition!  Everyone loves a good water slide.  

Keep in mind that all the water slide rentals need to have power and a hose running to them.  This allows them to be inflated and used properly.


Bounce House Rental

Take a look around the website at our East Stroudsburg Party Rental options.  We offer a unique selection of East Stroudsburg Party Rental options to choose from as well as concessions and bounce house rentals. When you are looking to throw a birthday party for your little ones, don’t forget the inflatable bounce house rentals.   Kids love having our inflatable rentals for their birthday party.  Instead of a bunch of gifts that they will forget soon enough, give them memories that will last a lifetime.  Inflatable parties will have the kids playing for hours without getting bored.  This is far better for them than being inside on video games. Get them outside and moving for change.

In charge of a fundraiser?  While fundraisers are not much fun for many, they are a necessary evil.  Many places go with selling overpriced things to their friends and family.  While this is an effective way to raise money a better way is to throw an inflatable carnival.  Kids will love it and beg to go. It will be done all in one day and no tracking down people to get the money from.  There will be no deliveries, it is so simple that many of our clients do this year after year.  While we don’t throw the fundraisers ourselves, we certainly know what is popular for them and are happy to assist with this as well.


Everyone loves a good carnival.  Our East Stroudsburg Party Rental services can provide just that. Be sure that you combine some of our East Stroudsburg Party Rental inflatables with our concession rentals.  All rentals should be set up in a manner that there are some rooms for guests to move around in.  While many people think of our rentals as outdoor events we can also set up indoors.  Many will fit inside a gym or cafeteria allowing you to throw a winter carnival and festivals.  These are some of the best turn-outs.  There isn’t much to do in the winter.  People don’t have as busy of a schedule and this is a break from the day in day out.